ft island



FT ISLAND coming to singapore!!!
argh…i want to see them!!!
but the ticket so expensive…$100
i want to cry liao…no money =(
anybody can sponsor me???



in love with these songs lately…

super junior “it’s you” live on 30th May 2009 Music Core

thank you nadiah for introducing this song to me =)

love the cupids, dinosaur and the miniatures from night at the museum 2

chinese boat festival


these dumplings are made today by my mummy
at first i promised her that i will help her
in the end i didnt…hehehe
but i managed to make 3 dumplings by myself…mini size version one
the dumplings are to celebrate my chinese boat festival
and as what miss goh said, i am going to ride in my sanpan at my house swimming pool on friday…hahahaha XD
therefore my friday is occupied…dont ask me to go out >.<

at first i wanted to encourage you but i dont know how to
now then i realised i was suck in comforting people
however the more i see you like that, the more i was worried about myself
i scare i did not do well for my part and did not meet your expectations
i know i can do better than that…but i didnt…so sorry
and i know that you are trying to make me feel better at the end of the day
but in the end i was online again cause i feel my energy is back when im at home
…as usual
i hope i can see my “light” or “float” soon

the left side is mine…right side is nadiah’s

today was another day in kcc and we did kimchi making…hehehe
it was very fun…the process was very fast
just add sugar, fish sauce, chilli powder and garlic
stir already, press them tightly and leave it for 3-4 days
then can eat already…yeah >.<
dinner did not eat very full so at night very hungry
so i open my KINDER JOY to eat
hehe…first time eating

i got a baby dinosaur…so ke ai