today went east coast together with miss goh to collect her sand, seashells and stones
when i was walking along the beach to pick seashells…i spot a moving creature that look like a star
it was this…

i manage to survive one…cause others were dead…so poor thing
actually i spot some crab parts too
what happen to those sea creatures? i think somehow their habitat has been destroyed
the weather was damn damn hot and my bag was damn heavy (because of the sand)
when we walked into mcdonald…it was like “shiok”
after our lunch, the weather then started to rain…weird
so me and miss goh went to play the toy machines…each of us spend a dollar each and of course no toys in return…haha
then we transport the sand back to her house
sit inside her room for about 10 minutes to cool down
after that we went downstairs to pick leaves and flowers
this road down is like a science fieldtrip
saw many different types of leaves and flowers…so interesting
we end our field trip by sitting on a swing in the small park
what a meaningful day =)

super junior last sorry sorry performance in music bank

of course…they won first again =)
hey girl~


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