SHINee comeback

SHINee romeo

SHINee is coming back on 27th May with their second mini album, ROMEO =)

1. 줄리엣 Juliette
2. 니가 맘에 들어 Talk to You
3. 차라리 때려 Hit Me Baby
4. 세뇨리따
5. 잠꼬대 Please Don’t Go [ONEW and JONGHYUN DUET]
6. 소년, 소녀를 만나다 Romeo & Juliette

cant wait for the new songs to come out
jonghyun cut and dyed his hair,
taemin’s hair become longer,
key dyed his hair again to become brighter,
and minho which nadiah said he did a nose job…haiz
however, my onew is still the same, no change…very good


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