SHINee’s Juliette

SHINee’s Juliette MV is out!!!
their dance style is somehow like replay’s one
the mv’s setting like amigo’s one…blink blink effects
the clothes they wear were quite similar to the ones they worn in love like oxygen’s mv
i havent like this song yet…but i think i will like it after i listen to it a few more times
taemin really change a lot and look more matured
key became more handsome…nadiah will love it…haha
my onew still look so cute and handsome >.<


8 thoughts on “SHINee’s Juliette

  1. Hello.. i just found your blog..

    about this new song.. errr.. i think i shuld listen more to like it.. 😛

    i think ure a profesional dance, arent you? hehe.. well, i enjoy reading ur blog.. it’s awesome!

  2. halo ah bi!! i like this song at the chorus part only! and key is so cute!! and onew lookin good in this one. yey! but i think the song like a bit noisy hor. like got too much rapping goin on behind.

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