chinese boat festival


these dumplings are made today by my mummy
at first i promised her that i will help her
in the end i didnt…hehehe
but i managed to make 3 dumplings by myself…mini size version one
the dumplings are to celebrate my chinese boat festival
and as what miss goh said, i am going to ride in my sanpan at my house swimming pool on friday…hahahaha XD
therefore my friday is occupied…dont ask me to go out >.<


4 thoughts on “chinese boat festival

  1. HOHOHOH. have you got your sampan ready ? make sure there isnt any holes on ur sampan . LOL. !!! where’s my dumpling!!! HOHOHO. andd HAPPY CHINESE BOAT FESTIVAL uhs .:DDD

  2. hahaha…HAPPY CHINESE BOAT FESTIVAL to you too…you want dumplings…come my house and take…haha…my sampan still around singapore river…havent come yet =)

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