after hearing the truth today…i was really sad disappointed angry unbelieveable
as/being a christian…i cant believe you will do this type of thing
the person i give my respect to…
i dunno whether i will change my views about you anot…
but somehow i think you dont deserve my respect…
cause you dont respect others first
i dont think we can be like last time…you and her changed alot…especially her…somehow i dont know who this person is anymore…she seems like a complete stranger…cold…very cold
and i hope your daughter will not grow up to be like your
cause she deserve all the love we can give
i didnt know you are such a selfish person…until today

“i hope onew is ok…poor thing T_T”


tell me your wish (genie) MV

finally the mv is out =)
erm…it was quite ok…love the settings and their clothes very much
i think the dance choreography was quite disappointing except verse 1…
…maybe is i expect too much
love taeyeon and yuri in the mv…so natural and pretty
didnt see much of hyoyeon except her solo dance part…
…should have more of her scene lor…haha

i wish i wish…where is my genie?

SNSD finally make a comback with their new song “Tell me your wish (Genie)” after their famous song “Gee”
starting to like this song very much =)
“im genie for your wish, im genie for your dream”
“superstar, shining star, superstar”

i hope there is genie out there who is able to grant my wish
my wish my wish will be:
1) Do well in my field practicum
2) Dont fall sick…cant afford to
3) Have good sleep…dont think too much
4) The people around are happy…like that i will be happy too


busy with projects these few days
went back to school from tuesday to thursday to do CIPRE literature review
all about issue

new girl group from korea named 4minute with new single “hot issue”
my life only have 4 minutes left…everything have to rush for time
so many things not done yet…and my holidays are ending soon
week 11 is coming!!!


SHINee 1st again on Music Bank

hehe…they win again FIRST in music bank…so happy for them
Key jumped after the result was out
then they hug together…haha
i heard that last week they drop to the fourth position
luckily they are back to first again this week…hehe

finally they change their performance outfits
this set look better than those previous ones
except for Minho’s big coat -_-|||

onew is still the best >.<

it’s you dance version

see…im sure the dance version will come out…hahaha
the dance was amazing…from the popping to the transition of the dance
it was really difficult to put 12 people into nice formations (kibum was not inside)
yesung looks so good in the first verse dancing in the centre…unresistable charms >.<
love the part where heechul come out…is like the opening of the red sea
i also love the last chorus part…why does everybody danced so unison-ly???

o-o-only for you

2NE1 on radio

(from right, Park Bom, Dara, CL and Minji)
i didnt realise their vocals were good before watching this video
Park Bom’s and CL’s singing i have no doubt…but this is actually my first time listening carefully to Dara and Minji singing…and it was good
next time they should try/go for more R&B songs…the result may be good?!?!
CL looks very cute with that ponytail…why do their hair always look so shiny???
and i just realise Dara very pretty…real name is Park Sandara…hehe