yeye’s birthday party

early in the morning went to school for the professional pathways
many different childcare organisations came to brief us on their centres and stuffs
our clique was like changing LT to LT…damn busy…haha
then after that we went to the different booths to get brouchures and ask some questions
after that i rushed down to ah xuan’s house to meet her
and is also to play restaurant city…haha
then me and her went to bukit merah interchange to top up card
we waited very long at the interchange for bus 272…talked many things
it seems long since the last time i went out with her…i wish we have more opp at the end of the year
reached ah ma house to eat mian xian
esther was there too =) and she keep crawling and walking around the house
she somehow seems to be very happy today…a lot of energy
showing her two bottom teeth
then we proceed to dua bei’s workplace to celebrate yeye’s birthday
there was a karaoke lounge and i was the DJ of the day…hohoho
it was fun holding the mic around and changing vcd to dvd
after singing…we went to the billard and pool room to play pool
i was suck in that…really dont know how to play
min min jie jie was a pro!!! and everyone just realised her talent…haha
it was a fun family day…so long never gather together like that
all of us played until 11 plus…and dont feel like going home
me and yun jie were like korea representatives…singing korean Happy Birthday song to yeye
and we keep singing “O mong Paradise”…haha


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