i was just angry with them that why they took away the most precious person i have beside me
why are they so selfish, keeping her away from us?
i sometimes dunno who is she now
she has been keeping a lot of secrets…not willing to tell me
or maybe because i dont want to listen
i hate to listen to her sad stories, i hate her talking about her friends
the heart is like being tied in a knot
and the knot is like getting tighter and tighter
one day i may just burst out crying
i really dont want her to sad and cry everyday
i just want her to be happy
reflecting now…
maybe i was selfish too…only care about my own feelings…and not yours
maybe i should sit down and be a good listener…but i didnt
maybe i should comfort you…but i dont know how to
i want to go back to the days when we always share secrets and talk talk until late at night
but i guess it is too late…the old you is gone…and never come back

this MV is damn sad
(featuring Gaeul – Kim So Eun)


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