T-ara released of “Lies” MV

nice mv and song
new group of girls again after 4minute


SHINee with SNSD

SHINee did a wonderful opening for SNSD’s tell me your wish (genie) performance
the collaboration is good…the dance is awesome and also the remix of the music
Key and Taemin always did a good job dancing together
i was stunned after watching SHINee dance…so so damn nice >.<
when the girls came out…everybody went crazy…haha
Jessica and Jonghyun look so sexy together…hehe
and i love Yuri's expressions when she is dancing…why is she so pretty???

ft island comeback

FT Island comback with new song, I Hope (바래)
the mv so cute >.<
the small boy boys in the mv all so cute
i think they did comeback cross and change
Seung Hyun, Min Hwan, Jong Hun become more handsome
Jae Jin with the mushroom head so cute
love the song =)


im so damn nervous today
running in and out of my K1 class
waiting and looking for my field supervisor, wondering when is my turn
settled my K1s in class long long time ago
reinforce the rules and repeat my instructions with them
and finally i overcomed and passed!!! hohoho
but somehow i lost my appetite
i didnt really eat anything this morning
lunch…cannot finish one packet of nasi lekma
dinner…eat half only already feel full
why leh? i also dunno but im happy…felt damn relieved

really want to thank God for answering my prayers
really want to thank my mentor and other teachers…they are very supportive
really want to “thank” my dad for scaring me this morning…make me even more nervous >.<

i dont care

the mv was nice…very nice
but i need to watch a lot of times to get whole of all the details…haha
the first part “hey playboy, its about time and your time is up” was damn funny
i wonder who is that???
the last part “boy i dont care” sandara so cute >.<

“i dont care e e e e e”

can i dont care about my studies?

2NE1 first mini album


i dont care.mp3 - 2NE1

finally they get to produce a mini album after their big hit “FIRE”
there is a total of 7 tracks
01. Fire
02. I don’t care
03. In the club
04. Let’s go party
05. Pretty Boy
06. Stay Together
07. Lollipop (Bonus Track)

i listened to “i dont care” already…love it a lot
the last track is their handphone CF song with BIG BANG…not really new
i hope more people can realise their talents >.<
my sandara hwaiting!!!

林依晨 with donghae and siwon =)))

林依晨 new MV 螢火蟲 is out…featuring super junior donghae and siwon
hohoho…so happy…cause got donghae =)))
donghae looks so cute when he talk in chinese >.<
this mv looks so natural despite of the different languages they used
feel a bit sad for siwon…but feel happy for donghae…haha
i think 林依晨 this new song a bit like the previous song she sang, 孤单北半球
but i like this song very much…can calm my feelings
another week gone and im getting more and more tired