one year later

another year later…
same as last year…
你过得好不好? 应该很好吧!


what is muzik?


4minute first mini album is coming out!!!
album title “For Muzik” coming out on the 31st August
01 – For Muzik
02 – Muzik
03 – Hot Issue
04 – What a girl wants
05 – 웃겨 (Funny)
06 – 안줄래 (I Won’t Give)
07 – Hot Issue (Remix)
after listening once, in love with the song “I Won’t Give” and “What a girl wants”
however, the song “I Won’t Give” is banned by KBS cause of inappropriate lyrics
even though i dont understand the lyrics
but this song have both smooth and strong melody
what a waste…so sad =(((

let your listen whether this song is nice anot

another song i recently fall in love with was Baek Ji Young feat. 2PM Taecyeon “My Ear’s Candy”

i know my sis will hate me putting this song on my blog…haha
somehow taecyeon voice sounds good in this song
love the dance too…the part where Baek Ji Young did solo with dancers at the back
“la la la la la la la la”

im sick
im very sick
im very very sick
im very very very sick

cant take it anymore
keep on coughing and block nose
finally went to see doctor again
got 2 days of mc
cannot see the children for 2 days le
slept more than 12 hours today
felt so weak after all the sleep and medicine


so many people celebrate their birthdays in this month
went out to celebrate qiuling birthday just now…happy belated birthday to you!!!
and happy birthday to jeriel!!!
ana brought the cake this morning to my childcare centre
and i accidentally said it out in front of nainai…haha
after work, met goh li theng at city hall as we are going suntec aston to celebrate
it was a sudden change due to nainai who said she wants to eat aston
actually we wanted to celebrate in bugis v8 restaurant
never mind…we changed to plan B and me and goh li theng reached first to prepare the things
and subsequently they came…hohoho…too bad i cannot join them for k session
it was another fun celebration after goh li theng’s one…all the tasks for nainai to complete
photos we shall wait for goh li theng to upload them
the dinner was damn full plus ana’s wonderful cake
then we went to the suntec fountain to blow bubbles…so romantic
after that we used eye liner to draw on nainai’s hands…
from far it really looks like tattoo…haha…so creative
hope nainai like the birthday celebration we planned for you =)))

sad news in korean music industry

even though im not a dbsk fan, but this is not the ending they should get
i also dont want them to get disperse…they are the popular boyband in korea
if they disperse…how? ottokae?
i think all they need are sleep and plenty of rest…no need to get disperse right?
they have work hard for so many years already to get into this position
feel especially damn sad for my jaejoong
my dear cousin yun jie will be sad too =((((
this video is made by a fan…the making was good…the music, editting and eveything
make me feel so sad…disappointed and feel like crying



不喜歡懷疑什麼 並不表示我 没有感受
看你微妙的變化 慢慢不同 我不是生氣只是心痛
最討厭被誤會了 但越解釋越 覺得難過
你可以說人會變 但不能說 你會這麼做 是我的错
哭過就好了 傷都會好的 這樣相信所以深呼吸 著割捨
愛是為了擁抱 為了牽手 不是為了爭吵 為了掉頭
哭過就好了 痛都會走的 記憶有限所以他會淘 汰壞的


haiz…so long already…i still havent fully recover
cough damn badly this morning…wake up around 5 plus
then reached centre become running nose
argh…bad bad bad…dunno when will fully recover?!
watched a video yesterday…

a dance battle by SNSD on last sunday
womanizer by taeyeon, seohyun, sooyoung and tiffany
hollaback girl by sunny yoonA yuri and jessica
my Love + 4 my people was by hyoyeon
cant get my eyes of yuri (in green top and yellow pants)
her expression..body movements were so natural…like her blood cells were dancing inside her body…haha
never see SNSD dance like this before
everybody did a great job except for sunny
when they came together for laarbasses…you can see that she was half a beat slower than the rest of them…so much uncertainty in her expression and movement…no wonder she was voted the forgetful queen in dancing…haha