end of year 3 sem 1

FINALLY! i handed up my last project…woohoo…so happy
cant believe im in holiday now
just now still went shopping with goh li theng…so long never go back home late alr
meet goh li theng on bus in the afternoon to go school together
actually we wanted to hand up our projects first then go eat lunch
however there is a change of plan and we went makan place to eat first
not long after julie and tan yan ling came to join us
after lunch we went up HMS office again to hand up our projects
then we took cab down to cisco centre for the F1 recruitment thing
the whole procedure thing was damn complicated…decided not to do it
i really want to scold jessica alr…haha…never tell us earlier…
make me feel so sad now…no F1 alr
after that thing we went to singpost mac…then we went parkway to eat dinner
me and goh li theng shopped the whole parkway and we even went into borders and
start talking about our childcare centres…haha
i know a lot of people will say why i so stupid taking up that job
but i know this is what i want to do and also i am happy doing it
so i really dont care about the pay cause i also need to spend my time to prevent myself from “rotting”


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