high tea

i know i have to post this post but i was too lazy…haha
went out with my dear cousin yun jie on last saturday…hohoho
we met at outram mrt at 12.30
wanted to go to a cafe there but it was close
then we walked to another one around that area
but that one also close because of national day eve
so we decided to cab down to bugis there a TEA cafe
the environment was so so nice…and cosy
i ordered an apple tea…at first i thought it was just a normal cup of tea
in the end…it looked like this
nice right??? it still come with the fish crackers…yum yum
we sat there for about one and a half hour talking, drinking and eating…haha
oh and photo-taking…some unglam photos of yun jie taking photos of other things
DSC00113 DSC00114 DSC00115
haha so cute hor >.<
i want to go again…next time shall try other fruit tea =)

after enjoying the whole afternoon…took bus to plaza sing to meet goh li theng and tan yan ling for the walkathon meeting
the whole walkathon venue was at SMU
so long never go there alr…we alr decided to eat our favourite korean BBQ chicken
in the end the whole food court was closed because of national day eve again
so we walked to bugis to eat dinner and shopping!!! in our very own S&W t-shirts…haha


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