haiz…so long already…i still havent fully recover
cough damn badly this morning…wake up around 5 plus
then reached centre become running nose
argh…bad bad bad…dunno when will fully recover?!
watched a video yesterday…

a dance battle by SNSD on last sunday
womanizer by taeyeon, seohyun, sooyoung and tiffany
hollaback girl by sunny yoonA yuri and jessica
my Love + 4 my people was by hyoyeon
cant get my eyes of yuri (in green top and yellow pants)
her expression..body movements were so natural…like her blood cells were dancing inside her body…haha
never see SNSD dance like this before
everybody did a great job except for sunny
when they came together for laarbasses…you can see that she was half a beat slower than the rest of them…so much uncertainty in her expression and movement…no wonder she was voted the forgetful queen in dancing…haha


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