so many people celebrate their birthdays in this month
went out to celebrate qiuling birthday just now…happy belated birthday to you!!!
and happy birthday to jeriel!!!
ana brought the cake this morning to my childcare centre
and i accidentally said it out in front of nainai…haha
after work, met goh li theng at city hall as we are going suntec aston to celebrate
it was a sudden change due to nainai who said she wants to eat aston
actually we wanted to celebrate in bugis v8 restaurant
never mind…we changed to plan B and me and goh li theng reached first to prepare the things
and subsequently they came…hohoho…too bad i cannot join them for k session
it was another fun celebration after goh li theng’s one…all the tasks for nainai to complete
photos we shall wait for goh li theng to upload them
the dinner was damn full plus ana’s wonderful cake
then we went to the suntec fountain to blow bubbles…so romantic
after that we used eye liner to draw on nainai’s hands…
from far it really looks like tattoo…haha…so creative
hope nainai like the birthday celebration we planned for you =)))


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