what is muzik?


4minute first mini album is coming out!!!
album title “For Muzik” coming out on the 31st August
01 – For Muzik
02 – Muzik
03 – Hot Issue
04 – What a girl wants
05 – 웃겨 (Funny)
06 – 안줄래 (I Won’t Give)
07 – Hot Issue (Remix)
after listening once, in love with the song “I Won’t Give” and “What a girl wants”
however, the song “I Won’t Give” is banned by KBS cause of inappropriate lyrics
even though i dont understand the lyrics
but this song have both smooth and strong melody
what a waste…so sad =(((

let your listen whether this song is nice anot

another song i recently fall in love with was Baek Ji Young feat. 2PM Taecyeon “My Ear’s Candy”

i know my sis will hate me putting this song on my blog…haha
somehow taecyeon voice sounds good in this song
love the dance too…the part where Baek Ji Young did solo with dancers at the back
“la la la la la la la la”


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