today saturday!!!
went back to kovan and work…so happy =)))
i cannot describe how happy i am going back there to work
actually should end work at 2 but the painting of the props were not complete
so me and “jie jie” work until 5 plus just to finish painting the 3 and a half boards
i dunno how to say this but the heart always felt different working in different places
i can say im not happy working there…i mean there…there
but what can i do…where God puts me…where i shall be
somehow this is a tough training for me
anyway im happy to work in kovan today…hehe
i forgot to thank my children for giving me all those wonderful teacher’s day presents
this is my first time celebrating teacher’s day as a teacher
at first i thought i wont receive any present cause im new to the centre
but to my surprise…i have received a lot a lot of nice nice presents
wanted to thank the parents, teachers and of course CHILDREN!!!
they will always be in my heart…wont forget them
how i wish i could see you all one more time =(((
miss miss you all so much ❤


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