happy children’s day

im so glad that i can go back kovan on my last day of work…30th September
teacher sherlyn and the other teachers have prepared a lot of activities and presents for all the children
the children really did enjoy themselves
so long never see them already…miss them so much
the K1 children were so sweet…they wrote creative writing on the topic “My Teacher Shelby”
they drew drawings of me and wrote some sentences how they feel about me
i felt so touched after reading all of theirs…really love them >.<
yoke ting also came back to celebrate
the food prepared by the parents were really nice
i also prepared two butter cakes cause teacher maggie told me the teachers are having pot luck
in the end no teachers bring food…我被骗了…hahaha
then the teachers start gossiping during lunch break…so funny
it was really nice that the teachers can come together to chat and laugh together
i think we laugh until too loud that some of the children woke up…hahaha
this is a really nice ending to my holiday work in Learning Kidz
i really want to thank Teacher Maggie…who really take good care of me
thank all the teachers either in kovan or serangoon
and all the children who bring love and laughter everyday
and thank you AH TING for being there everytime to hear me talk and talk
im so lucky and happy to have you with me in my attachment =)))
7026_147399611493_673796493_2796675_2222360_n K2 and You Lao Shi
7026_147399636493_673796493_2796677_5638503_n the K1
7026_147399646493_673796493_2796678_3882777_n K1 and Teacher Jane
7026_147399666493_673796493_2796680_764977_n joanne mandy hongjun
7026_147400456493_673796493_2796778_8029726_nme and ah ting


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