there are times when i always think that why God is so unfair. there are times when i hate myself for being such a person. she really do not deserve the way that i have treated her. not worthy at all. in the end the one getting hurt is me only. why would i even bother to be nice? this morning mummy striked me with a question. do you hate anybody? frankly speaking YES!!! i know that as a christian i am supposed to be nice to my friends and nicer to my enemies. i have to forgive those who i hate or dislike. but this particular person somehow is getting his/her way into our life, which makes me very angry. i dont want daddy and mummy know about this person. but this person keeps on doing things that annoys me alot and always makes me so unhappy…so angry. i cant be like another person who already opens up her mind and heart to accept this person. somehow i cant do it. im sorry but i just cant do it. i cant put the heavy rock down off my shoulder. and i sincerely pray to God for forgiveness and please give me some more time to accept my life which you have planned for me. however i want to thank you for giving me such a wonderful parents. i really am thankful for that. i know that i can continue my life without everything but not my parents. how i wish my life would be as simple and happy as a 5 years old girl.


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