music core 24th oct 2009

today music core was quite interesting…

first up SHINee Ring Ding Dong

mother (KEY) and son (Taemin) did very well for this performance
love the “BUTTERFLY”
suddenly noticed Jonghyun sing song with his mouth slanted…=/
at 1:32 Minho replaced Taemin being in the centre…somehow i feel that Minho was very stiff in this performance…dont know where he’s looking
and oh my goodness Onew did a small mistake at 1:56 =P

finally 4minute performed “What a Girl Wants”
waited for this performance for very long
the girls were so cute >.< compared to their Muzik performance
“mo la mo la mo la mo la mo la”

Hwanhee is back with his new album after Fly to the Sky separated
this is one good performance with awesome vocal and awesome dance move
Hwanhee surprised me with the powerful chorus
“baby cause you in my heart”
seems like he is ready and very prepared for his solo career

Kara-Mister today is Kara’s last performance before they start to go for their holidays…so sad…no more of butt shaking dance

Secret-I Want You Back Secret debut stage…the song was very catchy…so sweet
“i wanna wanna i i wanna wanna”

SS501-Love Like This SS501 comeback after one year and seven months
i feel that the intro was a bit weird…quite disappointed
watching Channel U Boys Over Flower last half an hour episode now…haiz
my Jihoo will never come back =(((


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