i take back my sorry…

left one more hour to my birthday
and i havent blow a candle yet…
dont know whether my wishes will come true
specially thank you to 3C02 girls for singing happy birthday song for me in lecture today…very touched
extra extra thank you to goh liting, anastasia hay, lim qiuling and tan yanling for the sweet and wonderful birthday cards and the small cake…love them a lots…they really bring SMILE =) to my face
and goh liting…me and your secrets are being kept safely…hahahaha

i say i want to take back my sorry…
cause i think your dont deserve my apologise
i dont understand why am i always the one who is putting efforts into buying cakes for your…buying presents that your need and making nice birthday cards to your
which your dont even make a effort to remember what birthday cake i want…or even plan a surprise for me
it is damn damn disappointing…so disappointed

but i still want to thanks those people who had given me blessings
people who make me happy on my birthday
thank you mei for the nice card…the cinnamoroll is cute >.<
and thank you GOD for letting me live to 19 years


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