JEREMY <<<333

wanted to post this for a long time alr
but the video with sub was not up yet
now it is uploaded…JEREMY is so so cute >.<

this episode highlight will be JEREMY!!!
hongki is so good being in this character
love the way he did the ice-cream CF and the ramen CF
so adorable^.^ wanted to pitch his cheeks =P
and the way he wanted to bring Go Mi Nam to the mart and wanted to hug her…BEST!!!
cant stand Taekyung being jealous and keep critisizing Go Mi Nam’s pig nose (00)
still like my JEREMY the best and i got something to show you all

ana did this for my birthday…so creative right?!?!?!
a picture of Lee HongKi thinking of me and him together
hahahaha =PPPP

let’s dance the Bi Bi Gu dance together!!!


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