why i cant be like JEREMY???
everyday so happy and cheerful
no matter how sad and angry he is…he still will smile and treat everybody very nicely
i dont understand why…
i know those people treat me very good alr and i should thank God for that
but after those people did bad things to me…i would somehow forget what good things they had done for me
and i will keep remembering the bad things that happened
how can i forget those bad things? cause they keep bothering me!!!


so simple right???

that was the first part of my story…
now the second part…

went out with ah mei, ber and renice to town yesterday
met them at far east…hate going town…cause too many ppl there =P
after shopping at far east we walked to orchard central
then we said byebye to renice =)))
first time stepping into orchard central…nothing there
somehow i was LOST in the big shopping centre
keep walking and walking around…until we went up to the roof garden
so nice up there…especially taking the long long escalator up…the nice view of orchard wasnt that bad
then ber have to go home liao…so me and mei went down to basement to find food to eat
while we were eating my mos burger…i suddenly talk to mei about mummy and daddy
and how bad their memories were and stated angrily that i will not help them to celebrate their birthday anymore!!!
however after i reached home…i think again and again and that is when my first part come in
haiz…what can i do??? they are my parents after all

oh!!! saw 迷路兵 at HEEREN


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