today we went to celebrate Tan Yan Ling’s 19th birthday
actually we can leave school at 1 de
so sorry…because we never bring the resume and cover letter
after everything was done…we board 154 to our destination
when we reached singpost…we immediately blindfold t.y.l to prevent her from knowing what bus we are taking…cause she very good with buses…haha
when we reached east coast busstop…we slowly hold her and walk towards ECP
throughout the halfway of the walking journey…we saw a playground and immediately we design a obstacle course for her while she is blindfolded…so funny =))) the video will be uploaded on facebook…but goh li theng remember to upload hor -.-
then we continue the walking journey to the bicycle shop
she is so clever lor…she knew we were at ECP and we were in front of the bicycle shop
suddenly she asked about her bag and i told her we left your bag at the playground
then the rest play trick on her and put her stuffs all in my bag and told her we only found the bag but the things inside is gone…hahaha…she start to CRY!!!
she cry until very jialat…she just feel like crying…hahahaha =)))
at first we all thought she dunno how to cycle…but she surprised us with good cycling techniques
but then she must be careful when riding beside her and behind her
TOO DANGEROUS!!! my poor big toe…hahahaha >..<


once upon a time, princess ana wants to eat new zealand icecream
so we accompany her to buy her icecream
after buying the icecream, she found out that she fall in love with the icecream man
so she pass her number to the icecream man
and the icecream did sms her and start to chat with her and they became GOOD friends
then they live happily ever after =)))

after eating our dinner at lagoon…we hurried back to the icecream shop
all our family members were there except for da jie fu and mei fu
princess ana got more chance to see him again…haha
and they even took pictures together and shake hands…woohoo =)))
then we cut and eat cake and we hurriedly pack up cause the icecream man have to close the shop liao…well anyway we must thank him for being so kind for allowing us to celebrate t.y.l's birthday there
thank you san jie fu!!! hahaha

hope Tan Yan Ling like the celebration we prepared for her…wait for my card on monday ok??? hehehe =)))



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