post boxing day

no more snowing on my blog!!! =(((
christmas is over!!! haiz!!!
dunno why suddenly got fever yesterday!!!
finally now is my turn to got fever!!!
seldom got fever…the feeling is really not good!!!
headache…giddiness…heat…everything mixed together!!!
like i am floating in the air!!!
hurry eat two panadols and went to sleep!!!
sleep for very long yesterday…today like cannot sleep!!!
another week is coming…projects are coming soon!!!
cannot afford to be sick again!!! must recover!!!

pray more often!!!


christmas celebration part 3 [25th dec 2009]

waked up at around 7 in nic’s brother apartment
almost all of them were still asleep
informed nic that i have to leave…
“wannna say a big thank you to nic for hosting this gathering”
after i leave the house…walked all the way to the holland village busstop to take 105
to tan yan ling’s house busstop!!!
totally enjoyed the breakfast…so so nice…hahaha =)))
and we took some photos on our food and Ronald McDonald =P
thank you tan yan ling for waking up so early…we like only slept for 2 hours…for meeting me to eat christmas breakfast…hahaha XD

now rotting at home…dunno what to do…
maybe later dinner will have steamboat…hehehe
especially to 小姑姑, 圣诞节快乐!!!

(photos will be on facebook) =X

christmas celebration part 2 [24th dec 2009]

went to childcare centre in the morning to celebrate CHRISTMAS with the children =)
i want to say a big thank you to the teachers and ah ting for giving me presents
love you all <333
and i hope the children will love the presents that i had given them
stayed at the playground area to play with the K2s and Nexus…so cute >..o<
sad to say…i think this will be my last time visiting the centre
caused it will be more difficult for me to visit again in the future as things have changed T_T
i will definitely miss the children especially glenn…who dressed as santa claus today
with santa's costume, santa's hat, santa's beard and a big red santa's bag full of presents…MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HOHOHOHO!!!

in the evening/night…met secondary school classmates for christmas party/sleepover
meet nicole and daniel at buona vista mrt and meet angie and jo at the MOE busstop
then together we walked a distance to nic's brother apartment…it was damn nice =D
the place was so windy and got so many facilities…got sky pool, sky pavillion and sky gym? haha
we went up the sky pool two times…so quiet with the water flowing sound…that place was really nice…is a good place to chitchat with friends
in the end cannot tahan liao le…angie ask me to go sleep…so i managed to change some sleep at 4am in the morning…hahaha
thank you nicole, nicolette, joanna and angie for the presents <333

(photos will be on facebook) =X

christmas celebration part 1 [23rd dec 2009]

woohoo!!! first celebration with clique and julie =)))
bbq and gift exchange XD
met ana in the afternoon after lunch to accompany her to buy her presents for “momo ren” and her sisters
and ana also bought a pepper plus top for herself and she made me into a model to test the size of the clothes…hahaha
last stop was etude house again…dunno how many times i have entered that shop last week and this week =P
and ana gave me the pink fluffy pen…thank you ana!!! so pretty!!!
then i hurry rushed home to meet tan yan ling cause she wants to put the presents in my house first
and in the end we were late for the shopping of bbq ingredients…hehehe…sorry XP
after everybody reached cold storage…we began to shop for our ingredients…and in the end we spent like 71 dollars…OH MY GOSH!!! hahaha
after we finished shopping…we took bus back to my house
actually we can start the fire earlier one…sorry that my house only have limited starters, sorry for bothering ana to buy the starters
and sorry to keep you all waiting =(((
after the fire has started…we start cooking!!! yeahhh!!! must thank you qiuling and ana for starting the fire
the food were nice nice and the dancing part was damn fun…hahaha
then come the most anticipated part…gift exchange…woooohhooooo =0
thank you girls for the presents…i like them a lot…xie xie ni men…muacks!!!

(photos will be on facebook) =X

g.o.o.d luv <3

this is so much better than oh yeah!
at least they got proper clothes to wear =P
love seungho when he put down his fringe…so much better XD
cannot stand joon keep touching his face -_-|||
mir is so cute >.< with his smile…everybody can melt *_*
especially his ending thank you speech…THANK YOU MBLAQ im-mi-da!!!


my blog is snowing!!! woohoo!!!

love the christmas mood ❤
i got the jingle bell, i got the jingle bell
jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle jingle bell
is always about giving and recieving
i am also done with my christmas shopping
got most of their presents…hehehe…so happy XD

concert and graduation ceremony 2009

i was so excited when stepping into the Grass Root Club
from the moment i step into the dressing room…
…i was busy until 4pm in the afternoon
the concert was a success!!!
will miss the K2s so much T_T hope to see you all the last time on christmas eve
the three mermaids were so pretty and the pre-nursery were so cute >.<
especially JAYDEN!!! he look so good in that picture…hehe =)))
i managed to secretly took some pictures at the backstage
but still…i was caught and got scolded…haiz
i keep remembering to take photos with the children but forgot to take pictures with the teachers
i didnt manage to saw their dance performance cause i need to take care of pre-nursery =(((
but im still happy XD