my belated belated birthday celebration =)))

i really really want to thank JO, ANGIE and NICOLETTE
for celebrating me and nic’s birthday at fish & co. today
the fish & co. people were like singing birthday song to us…haha
and i finally blowed my first 19th birthday candle and cut my 19th birthday cake
(not that i have forgetten the small cake goh liting get for me…thank you too)

the 10th and 15th november babies
the hand beside me looks scary…so EXTRA!!! hahaha

the cake very cute right?? >.< love it ❤
they specially decorated for me…hehehe
nic has one too XD
even though we met up just for lunch…within the two hours
but im still very happy to be able to eat lunch together with you all
especially when nic just came back =)))
must meet up for christmas ok???

i dont understand why do you have to always spoil my happy mood and make me so grumpy…i dont even like to go out with you…always make me damn paiseh…didnt people tell you that you look better when you dont open your mouth…cause when you open your mouth…you make people want to scold you and hate you…because you are so rude to other people…i also cannot communicate with you…the same as lao pa…maybe because both of you are in the "gen nian qi"…i seriously got problem talking to the both of you…when we go out…i can feel that there is a invisible glass in between us…i dont want to talk to you…you dont understand me…and LASTLY!!! dont try to scold me or control me when you dont even bother to get a birthday cake for me…cause i still hate you for that…i will always REMEMBER!!!


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