my off day

hehe never go school yesterday…
so i got a “OFF DAY”!!! yeah!!!
came back from my dear friend house
and met elena to practice balloon sculpturing
at first i thought it will be quite fun
but in the end it was very tough
and i need to practice many many days then able to make a good one
but i got no time already
this saturday is the event…im so scared!!!
during the practice…i burst dunno how many balloons alr =PP
haha…well…i have to thank ah na for coming down to teach me =)))
send her out to the busstop and we waited very long for 62 bus
so we played her iphone and she has this application…
which you can take pictures with the “snowing” effect
so so cooooollll…i keep playing with it >.<
seems like Singapore is snowing like that…ahaha
she havent send me the pictures yet
after she send me…i will post it up…hahah =)))

is going to be holiday soon…cant wait
but must still do projects…sianzzz
what is happening to me???


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