after watching this video…how i wish i can fly to korea now T_T
the SM family is so being LOVED >.<
love the storyline and the scenaries of SEOUL…so beautiful!!!
taeyeon and siwon…taeyeon is so cute in the beginning and loved her voice
both group's magnae is the best…the female and male doll is so so cute
what a cute and romantic way of proposing your love XD ❤
how i wish i can go korea next year??? must pray hard hard =)))

yesterday after school rushed down to childcare to go through what i have to do for tomorrow's concert
felt so nervous for the children and the teachers
they have prepared so hard and long for this concert
i know that they will sure do well for this…jiayou!!!
after that i rushed again to somerset to meet 二姐, 二姐夫, 小妹 and julie =)
they waited for me to go flee market together…touched T_T
julie and 二姐 bought something but 小妹 didnt =(((
so many people were there and the weather was damn hot
after shopping for two rounds, we went cine to eat frozen yoghurt
very very nice =P and we did have a good short rest and chitchat session
then julie have to go driving so me, 二姐, 二姐夫 and 小妹 went to the flee market one last time before going back home =)))
i think i yesterday walked too much…today leg abit pain =X
forgot to say…julie is joining us for our bbq christmas party on the 23rd!!!


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