christmas celebration part 1 [23rd dec 2009]

woohoo!!! first celebration with clique and julie =)))
bbq and gift exchange XD
met ana in the afternoon after lunch to accompany her to buy her presents for “momo ren” and her sisters
and ana also bought a pepper plus top for herself and she made me into a model to test the size of the clothes…hahaha
last stop was etude house again…dunno how many times i have entered that shop last week and this week =P
and ana gave me the pink fluffy pen…thank you ana!!! so pretty!!!
then i hurry rushed home to meet tan yan ling cause she wants to put the presents in my house first
and in the end we were late for the shopping of bbq ingredients…hehehe…sorry XP
after everybody reached cold storage…we began to shop for our ingredients…and in the end we spent like 71 dollars…OH MY GOSH!!! hahaha
after we finished shopping…we took bus back to my house
actually we can start the fire earlier one…sorry that my house only have limited starters, sorry for bothering ana to buy the starters
and sorry to keep you all waiting =(((
after the fire has started…we start cooking!!! yeahhh!!! must thank you qiuling and ana for starting the fire
the food were nice nice and the dancing part was damn fun…hahaha
then come the most anticipated part…gift exchange…woooohhooooo =0
thank you girls for the presents…i like them a lot…xie xie ni men…muacks!!!

(photos will be on facebook) =X


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