christmas celebration part 2 [24th dec 2009]

went to childcare centre in the morning to celebrate CHRISTMAS with the children =)
i want to say a big thank you to the teachers and ah ting for giving me presents
love you all <333
and i hope the children will love the presents that i had given them
stayed at the playground area to play with the K2s and Nexus…so cute >..o<
sad to say…i think this will be my last time visiting the centre
caused it will be more difficult for me to visit again in the future as things have changed T_T
i will definitely miss the children especially glenn…who dressed as santa claus today
with santa's costume, santa's hat, santa's beard and a big red santa's bag full of presents…MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HOHOHOHO!!!

in the evening/night…met secondary school classmates for christmas party/sleepover
meet nicole and daniel at buona vista mrt and meet angie and jo at the MOE busstop
then together we walked a distance to nic's brother apartment…it was damn nice =D
the place was so windy and got so many facilities…got sky pool, sky pavillion and sky gym? haha
we went up the sky pool two times…so quiet with the water flowing sound…that place was really nice…is a good place to chitchat with friends
in the end cannot tahan liao le…angie ask me to go sleep…so i managed to change some sleep at 4am in the morning…hahaha
thank you nicole, nicolette, joanna and angie for the presents <333

(photos will be on facebook) =X


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