SHINee my love


the waiting process at Terminal 2 was horrible, terrible, miserable
start standing from 6 plus…a total of full 4 hours
the plane delayed…SHINee delayed too
waiting damn damn long for them to come out
but the moment they came out…
everything was worth it!!!

everything happened very fast

taemin walked in front
followed by jonghyun, key and minho
the moment they walked past us
everybody rushed out to catch their bus/taxi
left some of us who realised ONEW was not out yet
i immediately went in front and waited for ONEW to come out

i was damn excited the moment i saw him
heart beat very fast!!!
watever thing he did was PERFECT!!! hahaha XDDD
the pace he walked (heard that he injured his leg T_T…poor him),
the sunshine smile, the friendly feeling
and most importantly…i was damn freaking close to him!!!
but the sad part is he didnt wave to me and didnt look at me
even though i was just in front of him and practically waving to him
haiz…never mind…he will still be my prince charming!!! =PPP
ONEW IS SO CUTE!!! hahaha

credit (photos and videos): SHELYCE LIM YAN CHIN



2 thoughts on “SHINee my love

  1. jonghyun looked happy….hahah….did anyone realize onew actually looked like he hurt his legs thats why he was walking so slowly and he was like limping when he walked up the bus ….

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