bad time now

this past thursday ah na came to my house to scan her transcripts and cca records
we are like old friends…even though very long never meet but still able to talk and talk and talk and most importantly complain to each other…haha
spent almost the whole day with her
and at the same day, lao pa has made an important decision to his life
many things will be changing soon…especially emotional feelings
i thought that he will be happy after making that decision
but it doesnt seems to be…maybe he needs time to adapt bah
dont know what move he going to do next…but i just wish that he could be happy
and most importantly…
now more people getting unhappy…
people cannot communicate with people
people cannot listen to people
people cannot respect people
people cannot understand people
people cannot self-reflect
people do not know how fortunate they are
Lord, I really pray that our family can overcome this difficult time together. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

just finish watching 就想赖着你
was a bit disappointed with the ending
cause i was expecting some wedding scene cause they did film for the wedding part…dont know why that scene wasnt there…and 昱霏 昱霆 was missing from the ending…felt a bit sad cause cannot get enough of them…they are just toooooo cute >.< the show should have more scenes on them…haha
anyway overall the whole show was nice
especially 言承旭 acting…this is my first time seeing his comical side rather than the cool side and i think he did very well and he should act this type of character more often =)))


chinese new year celebration

so long never post anything on my blog le…
this year cny have been both fun and boring for me

除夕 first time preparing reunion dinner with my cousins…it was fun!!! steamboat session!!! we went IKEA to eat lunch then we go GIANT to buy groceries.
初一 we have this 赌场至尊大比拼…my dad and my cousins dressed up like 黑帮老大…so damn funny!!!
初二 went to da jiu house and have gathering session with my dear cousins…and we went party world together at 9PM and we sing until 2AM in the morning…hahaha…shiok ah!!!
初三 went back home at 7AM…bathed then went out again to treat ahma and yeye for lunch…after that went to er jiu house to bai nian…after dinner we were bored then we took bus to jurong point to drink starbucks…the sad thing is they were out of frappacino…we have to drink caramel macchiato =(((
初四 rested at home…onlined for six hours…hehehe…obviously got scolded by my mama…then in the evening…went to lao pa’s company dinner at Jumbo (Stadium)
初五 WENT TO ANA’S HOUSE FOR GAMBLING SESSION!!! slowly took our time to go ana house…haha…when we reached…hazel nicole dorothy jess jolene julie were already there playing blackjack…after that me yanling qiuling ana jess and julie have mahjong session…no need to say…jess is the winner!!! that mahjong queen!!! hahaha…then we have steamboat at her house and i must thank ana’s mummy for preparing a sumptous meal for us =)))
初六 early in the morning 11AM…meet tanyanling and limqiuling at buona vista busstop for a trip to NUS. ANASTASIA HAY IS SUPPOSED TO MEET US TOO BUT SHE WOKE UP LATE!!! hahaha…first time stepping into NUS school compound…then i realised it is really very big!!! saw many people applying for NUS courses…suddenly one thought came up to my mind, “should i apply too?” but in the end decided not to…after NUS we met ana at city link and had our lunch there…some taiwan restaurant. supposed to go for movie but in the end decided to go for K. actually the person charged us 10 dollars for two hours…in the end we sing until going to 3 hours…so cooool!!! i became very high cause i get to sing my favourite korean songs again…hehehe…i think all of them got shocked!!! =PPP OH! AND I WANT TO THANK LIMQIULING ANASTASIAHAY AND TANYANLING FOR BUYING MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! before i meet my parents…accompanied tanyanling to buy box for her bf…her fickle-minded made us spent more than half an hour there…hahahaha…cause she out of cash then i accompanied her to the diao diao there to an money…then i met my parents coincidently so i have to leave her alone to go back to that shop…sorry!!!
初七 early in the morning 9AM…meet secondary school classmates at ang mo kio mrt station for bai nian session. first we went to wanna lim’s house to bai nian…then we took cab down to mother’s house to bai nian. mother prepared lunch for us…which she puts in a lot of effort and it is very nice =) after mother’s house…i decided to pao qi my mama and went ah ma house to eat dinner with my papa…hahaha…im bad!!! we have another steamboat session but this time had an additional hot plate…brought my dad…my dad said this meal is better than chinese new year eve…then i replied, “of course lah! how can you compared a meal prepared by us and a meal prepared by you adult!!!!” anyway papa is happy and everyone is happy =))) after dinner we went xiao jiu house for awhile and played with my dear nieces
初八 this time went to er yi’s house to bai nian…daddy calculated…every chinese new year we have to visit mummy’s family side for six times…yah…and in the end my stomach was growling when i reached home and i have to cook beibeimian to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the three of us went JP starbucks again and this time they have frappacino!!! YEAHH!!! finally get to drink my favourite caramel frappacino!!!
初九 nothing to do today!!! meimei today first paper and she said it SUCKS!!! she came crying cause nobody let her eat!!! even the vanding machine in school bully her…dont let her eat wang wang!!! POOR THING!!! hahahahahaha XDDD

last moment with class 3C02 =(((

with nicole, anastasia, dorothy, hazel, yanling and qiuling =)))

group photo with MRS TIAN!!! will miss her =PPP

with sweet girls nadiah, ABI and melisa =XXX

thank you mel for making that wonderful video!!!
it was very touching and meaningful…thank you so muchie!!!


im free!!! so so free!!!
yesterday handed up our last assignment of this sem…
NO…last one for my three year course in Ngee Ann Early Childhood Education
hehehe =)))
have been through many ups and downs and FINALLY…
im going to graduate soon!!!

after school ME, TANYANLING, LIMQIULING, ANASTASIAHAY went bugis again to eat lunch…cause thursday we went there too for steamboat after SENTOSA
the sun, the sand, the swimming pool…so cooool
oh yah after lunch we went bugis street shopping
dunno why this year canot find any CNY clothing…
so boring…haizzz
then i too bus 80 home…it was a long bus ride back

entered the empty house with absent presence of my mama
they went holiday again with me and mei
so im really very free…which became bored and lonely
but i got a lot of household chores to do so i was still quite being occupied

just want to thank mei for being so nice
cause she’s actually not like that
dunno who give her what medicine make her become like that…hahaha
maybe she is nice for first two day only…later the few more days…
she will be nasty again…hahaha…we shall see ok???

i think im too bored until i dunno wat to write already
those ppl who wants a companion to go out…please call me at XXXXXXXX
your should know my number…hehehe =))

this video is so cute >.< and so well done
matches jonghyun perfectly…blink blink blink

background music T-ara “Apple is A”

onew condition

another one of his “onew condition”…he laughed too hard until he fell over the chair

cant stop laughing when watching this show XDDD
SHINee is back in Idol Maknae Rebellion!!!
and the videos are english subbed…yeahh =)))

part two part three part four part five part six part seven

this is my first time seeing taemin sing so seriously for a short part of a song >.<

seung hyun looks so hilarious when dancing SHINee's Ring Ding Dong…
maybe that is why he was born to be in a band…hahaha =PPP

and the best of all…KEY who can almost dance all the girls group idol's dance
was quite surprised when he danced After School Because of You
it was nice…even though it is just the chorus but it was good!!! =)

today is SHINee first day of concert…Music from Korean Drama Favourites
tomorrow will be their last day already…so sad =(
hope they can come again soon!