onew condition

another one of his “onew condition”…he laughed too hard until he fell over the chair

cant stop laughing when watching this show XDDD
SHINee is back in Idol Maknae Rebellion!!!
and the videos are english subbed…yeahh =)))

part two part three part four part five part six part seven

this is my first time seeing taemin sing so seriously for a short part of a song >.<

seung hyun looks so hilarious when dancing SHINee's Ring Ding Dong…
maybe that is why he was born to be in a band…hahaha =PPP

and the best of all…KEY who can almost dance all the girls group idol's dance
was quite surprised when he danced After School Because of You
it was nice…even though it is just the chorus but it was good!!! =)

today is SHINee first day of concert…Music from Korean Drama Favourites
tomorrow will be their last day already…so sad =(
hope they can come again soon!


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