im free!!! so so free!!!
yesterday handed up our last assignment of this sem…
NO…last one for my three year course in Ngee Ann Early Childhood Education
hehehe =)))
have been through many ups and downs and FINALLY…
im going to graduate soon!!!

after school ME, TANYANLING, LIMQIULING, ANASTASIAHAY went bugis again to eat lunch…cause thursday we went there too for steamboat after SENTOSA
the sun, the sand, the swimming pool…so cooool
oh yah after lunch we went bugis street shopping
dunno why this year canot find any CNY clothing…
so boring…haizzz
then i too bus 80 home…it was a long bus ride back

entered the empty house with absent presence of my mama
they went holiday again with me and mei
so im really very free…which became bored and lonely
but i got a lot of household chores to do so i was still quite being occupied

just want to thank mei for being so nice
cause she’s actually not like that
dunno who give her what medicine make her become like that…hahaha
maybe she is nice for first two day only…later the few more days…
she will be nasty again…hahaha…we shall see ok???

i think im too bored until i dunno wat to write already
those ppl who wants a companion to go out…please call me at XXXXXXXX
your should know my number…hehehe =))

this video is so cute >.< and so well done
matches jonghyun perfectly…blink blink blink

background music T-ara “Apple is A”


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