bad time now

this past thursday ah na came to my house to scan her transcripts and cca records
we are like old friends…even though very long never meet but still able to talk and talk and talk and most importantly complain to each other…haha
spent almost the whole day with her
and at the same day, lao pa has made an important decision to his life
many things will be changing soon…especially emotional feelings
i thought that he will be happy after making that decision
but it doesnt seems to be…maybe he needs time to adapt bah
dont know what move he going to do next…but i just wish that he could be happy
and most importantly…
now more people getting unhappy…
people cannot communicate with people
people cannot listen to people
people cannot respect people
people cannot understand people
people cannot self-reflect
people do not know how fortunate they are
Lord, I really pray that our family can overcome this difficult time together. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

just finish watching 就想赖着你
was a bit disappointed with the ending
cause i was expecting some wedding scene cause they did film for the wedding part…dont know why that scene wasnt there…and 昱霏 昱霆 was missing from the ending…felt a bit sad cause cannot get enough of them…they are just toooooo cute >.< the show should have more scenes on them…haha
anyway overall the whole show was nice
especially 言承旭 acting…this is my first time seeing his comical side rather than the cool side and i think he did very well and he should act this type of character more often =)))


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