the ara-s

Kara – LUPIN

this song is addictive after you listened to it TWICE
my favourite seungyeon cut her hair and she’s so coool!!!
changed of style…even more sexy and cool than MISTER
my sis love this song ALOT…she’s a Kara fan

T-ara – I Go Crazy Because Of You

there is only one word you can describe them…SEXY!!!
even sexier then like the beginning or bo peep bo peep
everyone really stands out except for Boram…again
she is always been placed behind when she is already the shortest
and is the stylist bias or what? why are they giving her clothes that doesnt suit her at all? the latest inkigayo she looks like a policewoman
she is pretty too ok? please give her some nice clothes too..i dont think a lot of people know her existence..oh! and Qri too
at first i watch this mv…my eyes are swirling and my head is dizzy
really fits into the music


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