my weeks

last week was drama week, stayed at home almost everyday and not wanting to go out just to finish my drama. then this week was outing week, went out almost everyday. monday went to ntu with ah na to submit her art portfolio. still accompanied her around singapore to finish up her portfolio…haha…not really the whole singapore lah…just sengkang, dhoby ghaut and bugis area. now seeing her fighting her rights to do something that she likes, i was wondering should i do something for myself too. but after seeing my dad’s reaction to my passion to dance, i really have no support and strength to achieve and fight for something that i want. just let me continue to be an ordinary childcare teacher bah! tuesday night went out with jiejie for dinner, before that daddy made me learn something, “dont fall into other people’s trap, just do what i feel like doing”. does that means that i can do what i want despite your objections? everyone is so confusing…always contridicting themselves. wednesday went to school for wheelock writing clinic pretest, the test was short, dont really have alot of time for me to finish my essay. after the test, qiuling and i went down to shaw to meet ana for lunch, then we went for the epicentre flyer distribution interview for IT Fair. the response was extremely good, so many people were there. luckily we went there early, but the person havent call me yet =((( and poor yanling didnt get the chance to apply the form cause the application has closed after the first day. thursday went out with ana to visit qiuling at compass point, we accompanied qiuling to open her shop and we had lunch there. went home at around 3.30pm after accompanied her for a few hours. suddenly have terrible headache after dinner and forced myself to sleep without taking panadol. but in the end i canot take it anymore, started to vomit, then i decided to eat one. then i forced myself to go sleep again. maybe because i have been going out almost everyday and plus the weather, i start to have headache. in the end i canot go out with qiuling and ana today =(( and tonight canot go jiejie house to stayover =((( i felt so sad and sorry that i broke my promise to them. so the morale of this story is if you want to go out everyday, please drink more water and take good care of yourselves.


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