you-s filled my day (created by tan yanling)

full moon today…
the moon shines very brightly…
im glad that i went home alone today
able to enjoy the quietness and the loneliness
and able to think many many things on the way home

is a photo of I ❤ U made up of ASTONS SUNTEC salt and pepper containers created by SHELBY LIM!!!
and these are my love messages…
to mama shirley: i know that you are tired and stressed at work too, but you always put a smile on your face to make me happy. everytime i made any mistakes, you will always say,"it's ok baby, no problem, no need to say sorry!" but i really feel very sorry for troubling you with all my silly mistakes. you will always be there for me, understand my feelings, concern about my feelings and always wanting to make me smile. you are really an angel sent from heaven! i know that you are sad that one by one all of us are leaving…but i hope that we can enjoy the time we have now when we are working together. i will never ever forget you mummy, you are the best person in this world!!!
to papa benny: thank you papa for treating us so many good food! icecream, donuts, popcorns, nachos, crackers, prawn, milo and etc. i know that you always buy these for us so that to make us happy and to enjoy working life, but your pocket sure have a very big hole by now. whenever i made a mistake, you will say,"it's ok, no big deal, no need to worry!" always help me to cover up and never blame me before. i know you are tired too papa, so i hope that you can take care of your own body and not to be sick again!!!
and to my lovely friends (you know who you are, i dont want to mention names so as to not make it so obvious): thank you for making work so fun and happy for me, thank you for being there and be a good listener for me and thank for buying and treating me with bubble teas and donuts!!!
and for those people whom i didnt mention in my hearts: i wont force you to do something that you dont like. you live your own life!


rest day

before and after washing…

chiong-ed four full days of work
suddenly off today…i felt a bit too relaxed…waked up at 10am
i decided to wash my shoe…so clean now right?!?!?!
and washed my apron and cap!!!
i also cleared all the television shows that my mama taped for me…
in the afternoon 3-4pm, wanted to go polyclinic to see doctor
when i reached there…they close already
in the end…me mama and papa went to east coast park for dinner
so long never go ECP alr…
i remembered the last time i went was for NP RUN FOR MY LUNCH
the breeze…the sands…the sea make me feel so relax =)))
we went to a hong kong cafe for dinner…
it also been a long time since the last time i ate dinner with them =P
the service there was damn lousy and they still dare to charge service charge…
so people please dont complain astons has lousy service cause we dont charge service charge!!!
then on the way home…sky getting darker and started to rain
luckily i washed my things in the morning…
if not everything will still be wet by now…hehe

stupid trip

something special i observed when i reached home…
my mattress and my pillows were already placed nicely in the living room…
when previously i have to get my own mattress and pillows into the living room…
i know that they are trying to amend it and make me feel better…

my long awaiting BANGKOK trip was cancelled due to the riots
sad…very sad =(((
at first say march go korea…in the end didnt go
then say april go bangkok…now in the end didnt go
i really want to go overseas for holiday before i start uni
i really wish that i can go genting with qiuling and ana this holiday…hope that yanling can come too =)))

so in the end chionging for work is no use…
im still staying in singapore!!!
my sis will be happy cause she no need to survive alone in singapore for 4 days
im really really really really very sad =(((
no more shopping and eating!!!


big thing happened yesterday
slipped inside the kitchen with plates on my hands
in the plates were broken and my knee got a BIG BALUKU
last time i also slipped…without plates…but my butt got flower >.<
first butt pain
then fever, sore throat, flu
then ankle pain
then sore throat
now knee got bumb!!!
thank you everyone for your concerns
thank you mummy for letting me eat ribeye after the incident…but im too shocked until i cant eat that expensive piece of beef
thank you ana for sending me home and accompanying back home
thank you yanling for ordering my favourite side dishes for me and helping me all the way to mrt station
our friendships were so good until we can take turns to cry on the same day =P
i bet qiu nainai is crying in malaysia now…hahahaha…chio! touch wood!
anyway the sweeling ceased a bit…can walk better…can go back work tmr!!!
tmr will be a better day!!! =)))

your look and your manners bothers me