stupid trip

something special i observed when i reached home…
my mattress and my pillows were already placed nicely in the living room…
when previously i have to get my own mattress and pillows into the living room…
i know that they are trying to amend it and make me feel better…

my long awaiting BANGKOK trip was cancelled due to the riots
sad…very sad =(((
at first say march go korea…in the end didnt go
then say april go bangkok…now in the end didnt go
i really want to go overseas for holiday before i start uni
i really wish that i can go genting with qiuling and ana this holiday…hope that yanling can come too =)))

so in the end chionging for work is no use…
im still staying in singapore!!!
my sis will be happy cause she no need to survive alone in singapore for 4 days
im really really really really very sad =(((
no more shopping and eating!!!


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