rest day

before and after washing…

chiong-ed four full days of work
suddenly off today…i felt a bit too relaxed…waked up at 10am
i decided to wash my shoe…so clean now right?!?!?!
and washed my apron and cap!!!
i also cleared all the television shows that my mama taped for me…
in the afternoon 3-4pm, wanted to go polyclinic to see doctor
when i reached there…they close already
in the end…me mama and papa went to east coast park for dinner
so long never go ECP alr…
i remembered the last time i went was for NP RUN FOR MY LUNCH
the breeze…the sands…the sea make me feel so relax =)))
we went to a hong kong cafe for dinner…
it also been a long time since the last time i ate dinner with them =P
the service there was damn lousy and they still dare to charge service charge…
so people please dont complain astons has lousy service cause we dont charge service charge!!!
then on the way home…sky getting darker and started to rain
luckily i washed my things in the morning…
if not everything will still be wet by now…hehe


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