as a human

love the mv more than the song…haha
love the storyline of this mv…warm, cute and happy feelings
kim hyun joong's is still good-looking as always with his good acting
make it an extra point for people to watch it
…so please watch this!!! hehe XD


i just read your blog…
in the first place regarding my previous post im not talking about you you and you
secondly i didnt force them to buy things for me…cant you let me vent my unhappiness for a while
i havent ask them for money for ages!!!
if you think i gave you that asshole attitude or shit face…thats because im damn tired
i dont understand why im explaining all these but…
i didnt know that you dont want me to come home so badly T_T
it really hurts after reading that post…
same scenario repeats again after a few months
people really love to scold people on their blogs!!!
i know im an unfilial child and an unholy christian
thats why my life is in a mess right now…
digging a deep hole into working life trying to find GOLD!
did i regret being so nice to you??? NO!
cause no matter what you still my sis!


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