was expecting to have indian dance after i heard the song!
but it turns out to be pretty nice for the choreography!!!
love heechul and donghae new hairstyle <33
love eunhyuk's way of styling (the one with sunglasses)…and i realised leeteuk is not wearing anything inside that tux…so apparently he has been working very hard to get a nice body shape like siwon
in the middle thats a short dance solo part…
usually will be the four best dancers…eunhyuk donghae hankyung and shindong…dancing in front to showoff their best dancing skills
now hankyung is not here…kyuhyuk seems to substitue his place
many hankyung fans out that should be very sad by now T_T
anyway their full tracks have been out but none of the songs attracted me YET!!!
so im anticipating in their live performance in music bank!!!

somehow super junior still can survive very well without that three person
and soon many people will forget about them…


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