wonderful day

our couple tshirt!!! so sweet right!!! tokgi (rabbit)!!!

today is a wonderful and perfect day…초아해요 >.<
went to church in the morning…
yunjie came to pick me up after that =)))
we have lunch together at carls jr. at east coast
then we head straight to mandai to visit xiaogugu
do you know that it is so nice to own a car to play your favourite music and sing along with them when you are driving??? we did that today…and it felt good…we were so high in the car!!! haha
singing along to all the latest korean drama songs =PPP
yunjie took her own sweet time to drive so that we can finish listening to all the songs in the cd…hehe
then finally we reached xiaogugu place…cleaned the place…placed candles and flowers and we started to play with the wax of the candle that we always use to do during christmas with xiaogugu…miss those days alot!!! and we will always compare whose wax ball is the biggest and nicest!!!
then we slowly took our time to the toilet and make our way down to return the car to the owner…on the way there the clouds were getting darker and darker
did some shopping at tampines mall…bought my formal black pants for graduation! yeahh! then the rain started pouring heavily (always rain when im not working…super pek chek!) last pit stop…her house…for dinner…first time eating the food that she cooks…yumyum
thank you yunjie so much for today…really really very happy and truly enjoyed myself…i hope you are happy too!!! haengbokamida!!!


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