recently there are a lot artists coming back with new albums…

i really like this song…compared to their previous “OH YEAH”
but it has major RAIN feel inside…hahaha
love the plot of this story…very clear and deliver the message very well and we get to see lee joon’s fantastic acting skills…so many sides of him in this mv…sweet happy sad angry devasted cute cool!!! fans will go crazy for him after watching this. the car in the mv was like “WWWWWWWOOOOOOOO” nice! at the end i really thought that he is going to kill her but irony is irony!!! haha
dongdong also look damn good inside this mv…so smart of them to put him at my favourite part…suit him the most! and why must seungho be the bad guy?!?!?! so sad to see the both of them fighting over one girl =(((
love their new hairstyles and outfits…really match with the backgrounds of the mv…love the lumionus concept of the setting…even though they look like power rangers…but they focused more on their dance moves…lee joon looks so damn cool with the popping in his first verse…and their formations now is also better than “OH YEAH”
really happy to see their improvements between the two albums
their rank in my heart has surpassed BEAST…hahahaha


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