super junior no other music bank

super junior is promoting another new song No Other from their repackaged album after ending the promotion of Bonamana
even though i dont really like this song very much but i love this performance ALOT!!!
first of all, kyuhyuk is back!!! guess his surgery was a success…yeahhh
second is donghae’s hair is back!!! love it so so much!!! he just looks the best in this hairstyle!!! at first i thought eunhyuk’s hair is suppose to be blonde but in the end it became heechul’s hair is blonde
and i know yesung’s flying kiss is for me de!!! felt so excited when he starts to open his mouth singing…hehehehe
everybody looks so bright, cheerful and smiley in this song compared to Bonamana
i still prefer this side of super junior…especially leeteuk…you can see his white teeth throughout the whole song
but my sis spotted something…did ryeowook injured his left arm?


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