same as the live performance…the mv is so sweet and cute
siwon taking a stroll with the girl…helping her to tie shoelace
yesung with lots of balloons…giving out paper aeroplanes and ballloons to children
ryeowook washing cars…his actions damn cute >.<
donghae with basketball and rose…why is he always holding a rose???
kyuhyuk pasting papers on the wall that form a heart ❤
heechul sitting in the library writing a love card
eunhyuk dancing in front of the video cam with his six pack
sungmin preparing to play a song with his keyboard
shindong putting the puzzle pieces together with a heart pattern
leeteuk go around taking photo of hearts/loves
the more i look at their dance version…the more i realise why there is only 8 people??? i know that kyuhyuk maybe in recovering period after his surgery…but where is siwon???
they did put in another clip with 8 of them and kyuhyuk standing together in a row
where did the mysterious siwon go to???
yesung parts were just so so nice…can i have the diamond ring please???


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