in school now with mei to do my assignment
didnt really do alot…still unproductive!!! hahaha
it feels good to have three off days in a row…FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!!
pissed off in the morning…off days are for you to sleep late
both of them never tell me that they need to rush off in the morning
so i sleep as long as i want lor
then now you come and blame me and chases me out of the house!
you are the one who went market until so late!
no time management then now come and blame me!
if you know you are rushing and you have to vaccume the floor…
should you come back home early and vaccume???
spoil my mood in the morning !@#$%^&*)(*&^%$#@#$%^

bought a pencil case yesterday…plain!!!

drew something on it and my sis gave me the ONEW badge…hehehehe


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