the time is 1:15 AM

found myself sleeping later than later
remember in year one, i always need to sleep at 11 PM
apparently ASSIGNMENTS have trained me to sleep late late late
somemore ah mei is not home today, wanted to go back to my bed to sleep
but i saw lao pa was sleeping there and i dunno whats the reason
and now i dont feel like sleeping le
reading and highlighting my play articles now and listening to my MBC RADIO AND KBS RADIO broadcast on my ipod touch
i am so happy and contented that i have these two apps =))))
AND LISTEN TO THE KCHARTS ON KBS RADIO…how i wish i could listen to KISS THE RADIO here too!!!
recently spent more time on tumblr than here
cause i realised that it is easier to post photos and videos up on tumblr
as im more of a visual learner therefore i tend to like to look at pictures and photos
so i decided to put all my kpop stuffs there and put more “MY LIFE” here…hahaha
still got anybody out there havent sleep???


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