i really dont feel like complaining about you today because today is xiao gu gu’s birthday. but you keep saying things that irritate me and i cannot stand it anymore. and apparently, i think that you have forgotten her birthday!!! dont you shoot me again about the course that i have chosen! you are the one who dont allow to pursue my dream in dancing and thats why i have to choose my second choice. and the funny thing is both of these occupations have low salary! so what if i said that money is not an issue, if i really say money does matters, will you still let me choose the things that i want? and dont you tell me that im spending alot now! the money i spent is the money that i earned from working and the money i borrowed from you, i did return! i dunno what will happen in the future, but i definitely know that i will save and you no need to worry about it!!! and now you are telling me that results are not important but choosing the things i want to study is important, then why dont you let me choose dance in the first place? you thought you very wise now isit? so does the Bible made you change your mindset now? does the Bible say that consecutively eating fried chicken for two days is a sin? isit a sin to eat mcdonald mcwing a sin? why do you have so many thing to say about and need to complain to another person?


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