finally got the chance to sleep 12 hours!!!
from yesterday night 9 plus to this morning 9 plus…
probably is because of my stomachache yesterday…eat medicine then go sleep
went back to secondary school yesterday with jo and delphne
school really changed alot and there are so many teachers whom i dont know
but my two form teachers are still there =)))
wanted to eat lunch with mother but she got lunch appointment with another person
so the three of us ate uncle’s noodle with koi bubble tea
then wanna lim came to join us for a while
the main highlight of our visit!!! we got scolded by a teacher whom we dont know!!! we didnt realise that the students were having prelim exams, so we went up fourth floor to find mother to return her phone. before we enter the corridoor, we got stopped by one teacher by the name of abby. she told us that we cannot enter this area and direct her to go down. but we need to return mother’s phone…so we asked her whether she could help us by looking around 4th floor for mother. then she said that, “OH! im a XX, you cant ask me to do that!” we were like -.- who is she??? in the end we went up again from the other staircase to return mother her phone!
we went to complain to mother and BK…cannot stand her lor.
after mother finished her thing, we went into the staff room to chit chat with her…enjoyed it very much!!!


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