my birthday =)

first! i want to thank everybody who celebrated my birthday with me and to those who has greeted me on facebook, especially tan yanling who appears everywhere…my phone, my facebook profile, my email, my friendster, msn and lastly on twitter. i can truly sense your love for me…thank you very much <333
i finally got my dream come true!!! like a small little kid…i got an ice-cream cake as my birthday cake!

after waiting for two years, i finally had it…woohoo!!! thank you ah mei for buying it! im very curious how you got it for me and i truly appreciated it =))) hehe. thank you papa for treating me to a nice and economical dinner! if it is not for my naughty stomach, i could have eaten more T_T and thank you mama for the ang bao.
next! i want to thank my starhub colleagues…peijoo, xueting, liping, aminah and roy!!!
i really didnt expect that you all will buy present for me…cause we only know each other for about one month. im very touched, surprised and happy…thank you all very much XD

i think i can start collecting carebear plushie collections!
lastly! i want to thank my beloved cousin, yunjie!!! even though you keep using my “husband”‘s name but my “husband” didnt do anything in real life…is you who put in so much effort in preparing my presents…thank you so so much =)

i really like the presents…saranghaeyo!!!

there are something that i feel like saying but mama say,”this type of thing no need to go pondering about it!”

ok! im enjoying my ice-cream cake now…
is too big…so i have to eat it everyday until we finish it!!!


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